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Animal Hospital in Vancouver

Kerrisdale Veterinary Hospital opened in 1946. Initially operating exclusively as a “dog clinic,” it is one of Vancouver’s oldest continuously operating veterinary facilities. We have reliably provided animal care to clients in the Lower Mainland. Clients come to us from throughout British Columbia and even as far as Yukon.

Dr. James Dodds assumed the stewardship of the clinic in the late 1960s, following a 5-year position as the Veterinary Medical Director of a large pharmaceutical company, which pioneered the use of inhalation anesthesia in small animal surgery. Since 2003, the hospital has been operated by Dr. Michael Dodds, providing the continuity of care only possible by a family-run, second generation business.

Our Philosophy

Regular health exams, proper nutrition, judicious use of vaccinations, parasite control and dental care form the basis of our practice philosophy. Pediatric (young) and geriatric (older) animals have special needs, and we are dedicated to life-stage wellness as an adjunct to all medical and/or surgical intervention deemed necessary by our professional staff. Clients will be offered an array of testing and treatment options for their pet, whether it be a pre-anesthetic health check or the instituting of a life-long commitment to medical management of a chronic disease. Clients may ask for and receive honest answers regarding their pet’s health status, and are encouraged to ask for a quote regarding fees for services rendered. 

At Kerrisdale Veterinary Hospital, we believe that having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have. The treatment we offer at our animal hospital in Vancouver is imparted with extreme care and concern..

Schedule an Appointment

If you need an appointment at our animal hospital in Vancouver for the treatment ofyour pet, reach out to us.

Our Team

Our Team

Read about our team of trained Vancouver veterinarians.

Our Clinic

Our Clinic

We have a well-equipped animal care facility in Kerrisdale.

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