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Your Animal Hospital of Choice in Vancouver : 

Our Facilities

Kerrisdale Veterinary Hospital has served Vancouver’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood since 1946. The hospital is wheelchair accessible with an expansive waiting area and 2 individual examination rooms for consultations with the veterinarian. We have 3 climate-controlled areas for accommodating all varieties of animals with a recovery-ICU and a dedicated cat ward.


For surgery or dentistry requiring anesthesia, we employ isoflurane inhalation anesthetic with intraoperative monitoring of respiration, core temperature, oxygen saturation (pulse oximetry), cardiac electrical activity (ECG) and peripheral blood pressure.

First, Do No Harm

As our animal friends cannot speak or describe their comforts, discomforts, illnesses, aches and ailments, multi-modal diagnostics are often employed. Moving in sequence from least to more invasive procedures, we follow a logical path in diagnosing conditions, always beginning with the philosophy of "first, do no harm." Knowing that common things occur commonly, less common things occur rarely, and therefore we must look when the circumstances require.

Lab Testing and X-Rays

For laboratory testing, we have access to full laboratory services including blood testing, cytology, histopathology, microbiology and parasitology, as well as medical or diagnostic specialists who are accessed on the internet via telemedicine. A wide variety of soft tissue surgery is done at the hospital. This includes biopsies, mass excisions, foreign object and bladder stone removal, and bowel resections, as well as orthopaedic procedures such as fracture repair or anterior cruciate ligament repair (ACL). Radiographs or X-rays are taken in house, digitally, with the use of a high-frequency generator, making it possible to offer imaging of animals from the smallest pocket pet to the largest dog. Minimally invasive ultrasound exams are also performed at the hospital, abdominal soft tissue scanning, and echocardiography or ultrasound of the heart. Other medical equipment on hand includes a digital Tono-Pen for measurement of intraocular pressure, and electrocardiography or ECG, radiosurgery, and electrocautery for soft tissue procedures.

Daycare and Boarding

The hospital also provides daycare and short-term or long-stay boarding facilities. Our support staff cares for all hospitalized animals, whether they are recovering from surgery or simply staying overnight. Animals may be taken outside under supervision to relieve themselves several times a day, and arrangements can be made with an external dog walker if a client wishes. Regardless of the cause, all animals admitted to the hospital are monitored closely by support staff who report to the veterinarian, who is on duty every day.

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Medical Care

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